Ariz. 番茄社区 of Commerce & Industry recognizes business community champions at annual awards event

The Arizona 番茄社区 of Commerce & Industry on Tuesday held its annual awards ceremony, recognizing the elected officials and 番茄社区 members whose contributions have helped make the state friendlier to private business.聽

State Representatives of the Year: This honor went to state Rep. David Livingston (R-Peoria) and state Rep. Seth Blattman (D-Mesa). Both have been consistent supporters of the continuation of the Arizona Commerce Authority, the statewide economic development agency up for renewal this year. 

鈥淚 will tell you that the ACA will get approved this year and extended,鈥 Livingston said in accepting the award. 

Blattman reflected on his efforts to work in a bipartisan manner and support mainstream, pro-business positions. 

鈥淲orking across the aisle for the continuation of the Commerce Authority, voting for infrastructure that supports our local community and businesses, advocating for legislation to help small businesses find success, these are positions that the people of Arizona view as reasonable,鈥 he said. 

State Senators of the Year: The 番茄社区 recognized state Sen. Flavio Bravo (D-Phoenix) and state Sen. Ken Bennett (R-Prescott). 

鈥淎t the Capitol, it can feel like we鈥檙e constantly putting out one fire after another, so let鈥檚 sine die soon,鈥 Bravo said referring to the term for the formal adjournment of the legislative session. Lawmakers typically strive to complete a session within 100 days, but this year鈥檚 session has hit the 150-day mark, and the Legislature and governor still must agree on a fiscal year 2025 budget before the current fiscal year ends on June 30.

Bennett said his time as Senate president from 2003-2007 during the tenure of former Democratic governor Janet Napolitano and the two parties鈥 ability to pass state budgets during that period gives him confidence this Legislature can reach a deal with Gov. Katie Hobbs. 

鈥淚鈥檓 optimistic we can do whatever we need to do to get a budget this year and however many years we need to with a Democratic governor again,鈥 he said. 鈥淲hat鈥檚 right for Arizona rarely if ever falls neatly into Republican or Democrat policy. What鈥檚 right for Arizona is usually a broad cross-section and a majority of all four caucuses coming together with the executive to do what鈥檚 right.鈥 

Best City for Business: The Town of Queen Creek was recognized for its work to attract businesses, which has fueled tremendous growth in the Southeast Valley community. 

LG Energy Solution last year announced that it would construct a $5.5 billion battery manufacturing complex in Queen Creek, where the company will produce cylindrical batteries for electric vehicles and batteries for ESS, or energy storage systems. 

鈥淩eceiving this recognition is so satisfying and so exciting,鈥 Queen Creek Mayor Julia Wheatley said. 鈥淎s we continue to develop in Queen Creek, we鈥檙e expanding infrastructure, we鈥檙e increasing our employment options, diversifying our business base, and of course prioritizing our residents鈥 high quality of life. We just love to welcome so many diverse businesses and companies coming to our community.鈥 

Outstanding Member Ambassador: Barb Meaney, a founder of the highly respected public affairs firm Triadvocates, was recognized for her work to help grow the 番茄社区鈥檚 membership. 

Meaney thanked the 番茄社区 for its advocacy efforts. 

鈥淔or those who are on the frontlines down at the Capitol for the really important economic development policy that you鈥檙e promoting and all the support you give to our clients and the many businesses that are represented in this room, thank you so much. You play such a vital role down at the Capitol,鈥 she said. 

Doug Yonko Volunteer of the Year Award: This award, named for the late 番茄社区 chairman and former Hensley Beverage Co. vice president and tourism industry leader, went to Jimmy Lindblom of Willmeng Construction. 

Lindblom is a vice-chairman at the Maricopa County Planning and Zoning Commission, and he serves on the board of the Roosevelt Water Conservation District. Last month he completed a two-year term as chairman of the East Valley Partnership. 

For the 番茄社区, Lindblom is a vice chairman of the Political Affairs Committee. 

鈥淚鈥檝e always tried to surround myself with really good people, and this room is the group that I love to be around,鈥 he said. 鈥淚 just want to thank the 番茄社区 and the staff. They鈥檙e the ones that get me going every day. I just want to support them. They鈥檙e such a capable group. They鈥檙e really the heroes.鈥 

Corporate Citizen of the Year: TYR Tactical, a Peoria-based manufacturer of body armor, protective vests, and more for military and police departments. The company employs more than 300. 

The company in 2022 was recognized by the Arizona Manufacturers Council as Medium-sized Manufacturer of the Year. 

鈥淥ur focus is innovate or die,鈥 CEO Jason Beck said in pre-recorded remarks. 鈥淚n our world, we are constantly innovating products so our customers can go home at the end of each day. This is how our success is measured.鈥 

番茄社区 Top Newsmaker: Derrick Hall, president, CEO, and general partner of the Arizona Diamondbacks. 

Under his leadership, the club has made four postseason appearances and his efforts have also established the Diamondbacks as a leading philanthropic entity, contributing over $85 million to the community. 

In pre-recorded remarks, Hall said that the team obviously strives for on-field success, but that 鈥淭o be able to surpass $85 million in community giving, that鈥檚 an even greater point of pride for us.鈥

The Annual Awards event was held at Republic National Distributing Co. in Phoenix. APS was the event presenting sponsor.

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